About Simploo

Our story began with finding a toilet solution for our boat that was affordable, simple and looked great.  After a lot of research, the options out there were either too expensive or not to our taste.

So, we decided to design our own toilet. Our aim was to create a robust, fit for purpose and hygienic design that was simple to use, visually pleasing and inexpensive. We were so pleased with the result that we decided to put them into production.

We are constantly striving to improve the design of our Simploo, and our success has been based on suggestions from our users, making them the ideal choice for pretty much any environment, both off grid and connected.

Our toilet has a sleek D shape modern design with all the features of other urine separating composting toilets.


All our Simploos are made to order, as separator type, voltage and fan position differ depending on your requirements. Our expected turnaround time on a Simploo is approximately 6-8 weeks.

In the toilet urine is separated from the solid waste. The urine is led off by a pipe, either into a 6-litre bottle or a pipe which can infiltrate the ground – we advise that you always check with your local council, to obtain the necessary regulations for a soak away or similar.  This is simple to make and consists of a small hole in the ground, approx. 18 inches square and 18 inches deep, filled with small stones. The end of the pipe should be buried in the stones about two thirds of the way down. This allows the urine to soak-away without any unpleasant smells. If using the bottle option, it will be quite heavy when full and should always be carried with two hands, one on the handle and one supporting the underside.

The lid, seat and separator lift up from above, giving you access to remove the solid waste and clean.  We do recommend lining the solids container with either biodegradable bags (which can be purchased from Simploo) or black bin liners.

We incorporate a 20l solids container in the Simploo, once full, the solid waste can then be emptied into an external compost bin where composting can continue. Also, we include a ‘vanity’ hatch which covers the contents of the solids container. Once fully composted, which can take between 9 months to a year, this can then be used in the garden.  The solids container will need to be emptied every 20 to 30 uses if toilet paper is added to the solids container, considerably longer if toilet paper is disposed of in a separate bin.  A composting starter material such as cocoa husks or even grass clippings can be added to the external compost bin that the solids are emptied into, for further composting.

Due to the separation of urine and dry waste unpleasant latrine smells are eliminated.  A simple and low-energy fan keeps the toilet free from damp, and assists with odour elimination. With Simploo’s incorporated fan, you have no odour and therefore no need for a covering in the solids container. The fan can be powered by mains electricity, a battery or even rigged up to a small solar panel.

An active carbon filter module (which can be purchased from Simploo), can be used where it is not possible to vent to the outside. The active carbon filters out the bad smells. This unit will need replacing every 9 to 12 months.

The unit can be sited further away from the loo and concealed if required.


Urine separator (easy to remove for occasional cleaning) with built in 20mm waste pipe – simply connect your required length of flexible hose to the built-in outlet pipe.


Available with an internal 6 litre urine container.

Let us know when you order which you prefer.

12 volt Extraction fan including 230 volt adaptor removes odours. (easy to connect with 40mm pipe available from DIY stores)

20 Litre solids container – easy to remove – simply lift the hinged top.

The container has a sliding hatch that hides the waste. Easy to slide back before use and slide back after use.

Easy to use. No need to add sawdust.

Robustly made from PVC, aluminium composite and high impact polystyrene.

Soft close seat

Dimensions – width 35cm, length 52cm, height 50cm