Simploo Original – Waterless Composting Toilet


Our current lead time is approximately 6 weeks

Simploo composting toilets can be used where ever you live – garden rooms, cabins in the woods, caravans, boats, motorhomes.


Available in 12v or 230v versions.

The Vent pipe can be positioned on the rear of the toilet, on the left side or the right side.

Available with urine diverting pipe or internal 6 litre urine collection bottle.

Please Note: All Simploos are made to order. The turnaround time from order to dispatch is approximately 6 weeks


Width – 35cms  Height – 50cms  Length 52cms (excluding the fan housing which is 4cms long)


Thermoformed removeable Urine separator (easy to remove for occasional cleaning) with built in 20mm (inside diameter) waste pipe.
Available with an internal 6 litre urine container (The bottle and handle should be replaced every 12 months).

12v  Extraction fan removes odours. (24v available on request)
Built in Voltage regulator
Can be used on mains (230v) with the addition of a mains adapter
The fan is housed in an easy to remove cartridge which allows for cleaning the fan and easy replacement
Easy to connect with 40mm push fit pipe available from DIY stores (30cms of vent pipe included as standard)

20 Litre solids container – easy to remove – simply lift the hinged top.
Container has a sliding hatch that hides the waste. Easy to slide back before use and slide back after use.
Easy to use. No need to add sawdust.

All of our compost toilets are Robustly handmade in the UK – The frame is made from pvc, the shell is aluminium plastic composite and pvc. 

Soft close seat


Width – 35cms  Height – 50cms  Length 52cms (excluding the fan housing which is 4cms long)

Compare our Products

Product Width Height Depth Liquid Capacity Solids Capacity
Nano 320mm 350mm 475mm 6 Litre 13 Litre
Mini 320mm 450mm 475mm 9 Litre 19 Litre
Original 350mm 500mm 520mm 6 Litre 20 Litre

Product Care

If using the internal pipe option the pipe should be rinsed with warm water (not boiling) at least once a week.

Do not use drain unblocker or other chemical cleaning products if the pipe gets blocked.

The 6 litre bottle and handle should be replaced every 12 months.

Always carry the bottle with 2 hands as it will be heavy when full, one hand on the handle and the other supporting the underside.

Never use boiling water to clean the bottle.

Do not use any oil based products on the separator.

Do not use bleach to clean the toilet.

The soft close lid should not be used as a seat. Only sit on the toilet seat itself.

Do not stand on the toilet.